URJ Eisner Camp
600 beautiful acres in a
“campus” style setting
500 co-ed campers 2-10th grades
Campers move with their specific Units or grade groups through the day
Campers select their activities within the Unit structure and change activities weekly
Athletic and Arts programs designed to gain new skills and experience from qualified instructors
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Watch our video to learn more about Eisner & Crane Lake:
URJ Crane Lake Camp
100 plus acres on an active waterfront
in a traditional New England
style intimate setting
300 co-ed campers from 3-10th grades
Campers spend the day moving from activity to activity with their cabin
group and counselor
Campers experience all that CLC has to offer through our Block Scheduled program during each week
Sports are geared toward gaining
new skills with a competitive edge. Comprehensive creative programs
are led by talented instructors
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